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Serotyping With Advanced Modifying Inventories

The SWAMI is a sophisticated diet collection and display software program written by me, Dr. Peter D’Adamo. SWAMI allows you to add a significant number of new variables to the basic blood type diet values and output the results via an incredibly detailed and versatile printout. SWAMI essentially creates a printable version of one of my commercial diets (such as the Live Right For Your Type diet) that is much more person-specific.

Use of the SWAMI software is by direct license. If you wish to employ SWAMI in your clinic, contact Jon Humberstone ( to set up a user account.

D'Adamo Diet Equalizer (DDE)

The D’Adamo Diet Equalizer (DDE) is a sophisticated ‘search and sort’ software program written by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. DDE allows you to filter a large nutrient database and retrieve a wide variety of answers and results. For example, you could ask DDE to list all foods that are known to be blood type A Secretor ‘beneficials’ and group them into a special Highlighted category. Perhaps at the same time you’ll want to move any of those A Secretor ‘beneficial’ foods that happen to have a high gluten content into a special Restricted category. DDE can do it and tons more. What makes the software especially unique is its logarithmic slider-type interface which can be used to intuitively navigate the UDA Food Nutrient Database (SR19) criteria and add the results to DDE’s large data base of alternative nutrition values.

Use of the DDE software is free to all IfHI members and OAND COnference Attendess. Use the link below. When the password window comes up, enter:

user name: epigenetics

password: ifhi2007

In lower case.

Educational Multimedia

There is an entire channel on YouTube devoted to polymorphism education. It includes the five instructional films made by Dr. D'Adamo that highlight the key elements of ABO and secretor polymorphism and its relationship to diet and disease.